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6 Pertanyaan Wawancara Kerja yang Unik

Wawancara itu susah-susah gampang. Durasi wawancara yang lama belum tentu bisa melihat kandidat lebih dalam dan mampu melihat aslinya.

Belajar Kepemimpinan dari Lionel Messi

Sambil menonton Messi berlaga di Final Piala Dunia Qatar 2022, saya membayangkan bagaimana kalau Messi jadi leader di perusahaan ya?

Berinovasi dalam Korporasi

Penjelasan mengenai tiga karakteristik kepemimpinan, yaitu deep expertise, immersion in the details, dan willingness to collaboratively debate.

Komunikasi Sebagai Salah Satu Kunci Kepemimpinan

Bagaimana seorang pemimpin mengatur alur informasi di dalam organisasi dapat mempegaruhi employee engagement di dalamnya.


“We are comfortable planting seeds and waiting for them to grow into trees” by Jeff Bezoz, Amazon Founder

Leadership and Generation Gap

Weekend lalu saya bersih-bersih lemari buku saya, dan saya melihat 1 buku team management yang pernah saya beli sekitar tahun 2010. Adakah prinsip leadership yang berubah?

Why Trust Can Save Your Team

Salah satu faktor dari kesuksesan sebuah tim yang berkaitan dengan engagement adalah adanya trust atau rasa percaya antar satu sama lain, and here’s why

Generative AI in the Workplace: Safeguarding Confidential Data Against Emerging Risks

Let's lead the way in building a future where Generative AI integration supports both our strategic objectives and our commitment to create a positive, inclusive workplace.

The Missing Links: Why Employer Branding Can Be Ineffective and Misleading for The Best Talent

Artikel ini menjelaskan keterkaitan lima aspek yang menjadi keahlian saya. Semoga dapat memberikan pencerahan.

The Talent Acquisition Process in Indonesia is Broken: How to Fix What Most Internal Recruiters and Headhunters Rarely Realize

Kritikan tajam terhadap praktek rekrutmen yang keliru di berbagai perusahaan, termasuk industri headhunter yang saya geluti.

Keeping Ego in Check: A Leader's Key to Creating a Positive Workplace

Kalau berani, coba kirimkan artikel ini ke si paling benar di kantor, dan lihat bagaimana reaksinya :D

Negative Consequences of Promoting High-Performers with Lack of Leadership Experience

Ditulis berdasarkan kisah nyata ketika bulan lalu saya membantu menganalisa kondisi internal sebuah perusahaan.

10 Practical Tips to Attract and Hire STAR Talent

Pelajaran untuk para pemilik dan juga pemimpin bisnis dari workshop yang biaya investasinya Rp 15 juta untuk belajar satu hari penuh

6 Useful Tips for Introverts to Become Better Leaders

Tips untuk Anda yang merasa sebagai pribadi introvert, tapi harus menempati posisi sebagai pemimpin di kantor. Apa saja tipsnya?

Navigating the Modern Workplace: A Simple Guide for Business Leaders

Isu terkait sulitnya melakukan Employee Retention sebetulnya bermula dari satu hal yang lupa dibenahi di sebuah organisasi. Apa ya satu hal tersebut?

Four Useful Tips to Build Autonomy Within a Team in The Workplace

Let's explore a few methods that can be applied to help achieve autonomy within your team, which is inspired by this interesting book titled, "Surrounding by Idiots," written by Thomas Erikson.

Absentee Leadership is The Silent Killer of Corporate Transformation Efforts

The world of business is continually evolving, and successful leaders must adapt to these changes by fostering a conducive learning environment in the workplace.

The Surprising Power of Humor in Leadership

It's about using humor as a way to connect with your team, break down barriers, and build trust.

Navigating The Fear Factor: How CEOs Can Overcome 7 Hidden Fears

As leaders, we can harness our fears, transforming them from obstacles into powerful engines for growth and triumph.

Master the Art of Leadership: How Self-Awareness and Leadership Style Flexibility Can Transform Your Team Performance

You have now been entrusted with the mantle of leadership at work, and now you're wondering, "What's next?" or "How can I be the best leader for my team?"

The Human Element: People-Centric Approaches to Prevent Digital Transformation Failures

It's essential to remember that people are the beating heart of any organization, and their engagement is fundamental to the success of any digital venture.

Leadership Under Fire: How CEOs Respond to Negative Company Perceptions?

For CEOs, how do you feel when there is such a bad or negative perception of your company, not only from the candidates but also from your employees?

Beyond the Buzzword: How Corporate Culture Defines Your Organization's DNA and Drives Success

Corporate culture is not just a buzzword; it is the lifeblood of your organization, dictating everything from employee motivation to business success.

Massive Tech Layoffs: A True Test of Corporate Culture in Tough Times

The tech industry has always been known for innovation and growth, but these layoffs are a reminder that even the biggest and most successful companies are not immune to economic challenges.

Corporate Training in Indonesia for Culture, Employee Engagement, and Employer Branding

Corporate training provider in Indonesia with customized context and content to achieve the expected outcome.

Why Leaders Should Never Rely on External Motivators

When the leaders constantly conducting motivational sessions by inviting external "motivators" to boost employee morale, it's a clear indicator that their employees have become disengaged.

Unlocking the Power of Positive Leadership: Drastically Transform Your Workplace with These Two Popular Quotes

The essence of positive leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate others to reach their full potential while also creating a culture of trust, respect, and collaboration.

Why The Dunning-Kruger Effect Could Jeopardize Your Corporate Culture

Have you ever watched one of Reza Rahadian's films "My Stupid Boss" a few years ago? He drove all his employees nuts because of his lunatic and selfish behaviors.

How CEOs Could Create Psychological Safety In The Workplace

One key element which is fundamental in creating psychological safety within an organization is a high level of trust between all the stakeholders in an organization.

Do Not Promote High Achievers Who Have These 5 Destructive Habits as The New Leaders in Your Company

Many companies have discovered that the high achievers they promote to leadership positions are not always the best people to lead others.

Want to Become a More Empathetic Leader? Start by Doing These 4 Things Consciously!

Servant leadership is never about power, control, or job title; it is about service and caring for others.

5 Reasons Business Leaders Found It Difficult to Develop Their Empathetic Skills

Why do some business leaders find it difficult to develop empathetic skills?

Why Business Leaders Need A Coach To Become More Influential?

Like professional athletes or sports teams who aspire to win a championship, business leaders also need a coach to become more effective in their roles to overcome various business challenges.

Slow and Long Recruitment Process is Bad for Your Business

All companies need to hire the right people from time to time, and to hire the right people; they need to avoid a slow and endless hiring process at all costs.

One Thing That Determine High Level of Employee Engagement

There are 1001 ways to increase Employee Engagement, but only one way is a prerequisite for determining whether or not the results are successful. So what is that one particular way?

Why Offering More Money Won't Get You The Right Candidates

A higher salary doesn't always attract top talents since highly qualified candidates who suit your business goals want a purpose, not just a paycheck.

5 Leadership Lessons I've Learned The Hard Way

We can learn everything we need to know in theory about leadership, but all those arguments would be useless if we do not know how to implement them in real life.

Leadership is All About Empathy

Empathy is one of the most important qualities a leader can have, especially this time following a pandemic period for the past 2,5 years with all its uncertainties and hardships.

180% Increment in Engagement Score After 24-Week Program

The program have helped raise awareness among Margaria Group employees to collaborate between divisions and also transformed their company culture by engaging their employees in the company

A Family Business with 25% Overall Sales Increment

We helped KMP create a new culture throughout the company, developed leadership capability, and improved internal communication between all employees.

The Engagement Score Increased 50% for This Tax Consulting Firm

This program improved the leadership capability of Zentax Consulting’s team members and also provide an understanding for them to become more effective in working as one team.

Exceptional Results for General Sales Agent of Saudia

How this family business that has been running for more than 40 years as the GSA of Saudi Arabian Airlines in Indonesia was able to increase its employee engagement score by 100% in only 12 weeks?