Exceptional Results for General Sales Agent of Saudia

Saturday, 19 March 2022

This case study outlines how the Red Belt Engage and Grow Employee Engagement program has turned around PT Ayuberga from its traditional approach with the combination of so many long-time employees and a bunch of young people who have been working for less than a decade -- with plenty of internal communication problems due to the generation gap -- to transform into a solid working team.

The Red Belt Engage and Grow Employee Engagement program improved the leadership capability of Ayuberga’s top-level executives and also transform their corporate culture by engaging their employees at every level, from the very top level to the lowest rank within the company.

Most importantly, all of the employees are more than willing to put the new dynamic culture as the basis of their everyday work.

The case study discusses the background and issues of the company and the challenges and outcomes of the program.

Number of participants: 12 people including the President Director
Number of employees: 100 people

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