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We have worked with small, medium, and big businesses. Local and multinational enterprises. Indonesia and overseas-based. Start-ups and Fortune 500 corporations. 

We are eager to assist you with people management related solutions by offering our services below:

Talent Acquisition

Understanding that one of the most significant challenges facing many organizations in the world is identifying and attracting highly qualified external talents, PT Headhunter Indonesia offers our clients a unique and cost-efficient talent acquisition consulting service. 

  • Recruitment Consulting is our specialty, and with a solid understanding and previous experience in managing a full-cycle recruitment strategy -- especially for the middle to senior-level positions -- we will be able to identify and attract the right talents to be nominated as suitable candidates to fill the vacant posts in your organization.
  • Management Assessment for internal or external candidates. Utilizing some of the best personality assessments available in the market, we try to look for the candidate's characteristics that allow our clients to evaluate potential candidates based on their traits, previous accomplishments, and self-potential by having them answer test questions related directly to the role they're applying for.
  • Employer Branding is often viewed as a nice-to-do rather than a need-to-do. But employer branding should be at the top of your priority list if your goal is to attract passive candidates. We could help you to define a proper employer branding strategy by identifying your company's hidden strengths.

Executive Advisory

As companies would like to pursue better alignment between talent management and critical business planning, they see an increasingly higher value in engaging their current employees with their work.

Besides, Gallup's research showed that only about 8% of Indonesian employees are highly engaged at work, while 15% are actively disengaged. 

Working with business owners and top executives in a systematic yet straightforward approach, we provide a highly interactive advisory program for the leaders and key employees to build an ideal workplace environment and transform the corporate culture. 

  • Leadership Coaching - our professional certified coaches with long experience in the business world will work with key leaders at your company and help guide and work together with them to become the best version of themselves. Leadership can be learned, even by those who don't think they have a natural ability to lead. Let us show you how!
  • Corporate Culture - we will assess the existing culture at your company and guide you to transform it into the ideal culture based on the necessary responses to the upcoming business challenges ahead. A strong culture drives positive organizational outcomes when aligned with strategy and leadership. Good cultures know how they do things, but great cultures know why!
  • Employee Engagement - with our unique approach where top executives will be involved directly together with their key employees as the change agents, we will be able to help you in creating a culture of trust and building a happier, more loyal, and more productive workforce; throughout the organization!