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We publish a Client Update that provides you with our consultant's professional perspectives on the latest trend and development in the human capital best practices and people management issues in Indonesia.

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Tuesday, 06 September 2022

Client Update - Vol. 10, September 2022

With the worsening economic situation, human resources departments need a plan to adapt and reorganize.

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Monday, 08 August 2022

Client Update - Vol. 9, August 2022

There are some important points that a company needs to consider before they want to implement the Work From Anywhere system.

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Tuesday, 05 July 2022

Client Update - Vol. 8, July 2022

One critical aspect of managing people within the organization is creating psychological safety.

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Tuesday, 07 June 2022

Client Update - Vol. 7, November 2020

The service that headhunters provide has played an integral role in the corporate renewal transformation.