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We publish a Client Update that provides you with our consultant's professional perspectives on the latest trend and development in the human capital best practices and people management issues in Indonesia.

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Wednesday, 03 July 2024

Client Update Vol. 30 - July 2024

One of the most effective ways to ensure the integrity of potential employees, especially those in critical roles, is through rigorous background checks during the recruitment process.

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Monday, 27 May 2024

Client Update Vol. 29 - May 2024

This writing will cover the common use and merits of unstructured interviews, and the next advanced strategies used to alleviate this popular yet commonly overlooked interviewing technique.

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Tuesday, 30 April 2024

Client Update Vol. 28 - April 2024

Organizational transformation can be beneficial for the company in order to survive the volatility of the business environment.

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Thursday, 28 March 2024

Client Update Vol. 27 - March 2024

HRM activities could help business owners to monitor the process of its human resources by calculating the output from organizational objectives.