One Thing That Determine High Level of Employee Engagement

Friday, 15 July 2022

There are 1001 ways to increase Employee Engagement, but only one way is a prerequisite for determining whether or not the results are successful.

So what is that one particular way?

In this case, what is necessary is the humility of the top leader in the company to initiate change consciously, and the change MUST start from himself first.

When the top leader is consciously willing to initiate changes in everything, from the way he leads, opens up a constructive two-way discussion, eager to accept suggestions, input, or criticism from his team members with a cool head, and considers that it is all part of the necessary change, the culture of the company is heading for a better direction. 

Without any desire to change from the top leader?

Don't even dream any change will happen because employee engagement is just a result. Part of the domino effect is triggered by continuous change initiated by the highest leadership and then supported and imitated by all elements in the company.

Over time, a high emotional bond appears to be reciprocal between all employees and the company, which in this case is represented by the top-level management.

The result? Not just a sense of belonging to the company has emerged, but the spirit and willingness to work together to achieve the company's goals have also started to grow internally from each employee.

Isn't that something the top leader of every company hoped for the most?