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6 Ciri Perusahaan Berkultur Kurang Baik

Pindah ke perusahaan baru adalah pengalaman menyenangkan juga dibarengi dengan rasa deg-degan khususnya apakah budaya perusahaan tersebut menyenangkan atau malah tidak menyenangkan atau toxic.

6 Tips Mempromosikan Budaya Perusahaan

Seandainya anda sudah percaya diri dengan budaya perusahaan anda, anda bisa menggunakan beberapa cara berikut untuk menarik kandidat untuk tertarik bekerja di perusahaan anda.


“We are comfortable planting seeds and waiting for them to grow into trees” by Jeff Bezoz, Amazon Founder

Membangun Lingkungan Kerja yang Produktif

Lingkungan kerja yang produktif itu sendiri memiliki tiga faktor yang menjadi sebuah prasyarat utama. Apa saja prasyarat tersebut?

Mengatasi Culture Shock di Perusahaan Baru

Mengalami culture shock di perusahaan baru adalah hal yang wajar terjadi. Beradaptasi pun membutuhkan waktu. Yang terpenting, janganlah merasa takut atau berkecil hati.

Pentingnya Interpersonal Skill Dalam Tim

Budaya perusahaan terbentuk dari value perusahaan, value pimpinan, interaksi antar tim dan interaksi antar individu.

Pentingnya Mengetahui Company Culture bagi Pencari Kerja

Setiap perusahaan pada dasarnya memiliki identitas, ciri khas, ataupun kebiasaan yang melekat atau diturunkan dari pimpinan beserta anggota sebelumnya.

Peran HR Untuk Membantu Karyawan WFH atau Hybrid

Tidak melulu mengenai budget dan biaya yang dibutuhkan karyawan pada saat pandemi, kadang-kadang yang diperlukan karyawan adalah perhatian tulus.

Tips Kolaborasi antara Pimpinan dan Karyawan Agar WFH Lebih Efektif

Tips kolaborasi antara pimpinan dan karyawan agar WFH lebih efektif, menyenangkan dan mampu meningkatkan produktivitas.

The Pitfalls of Imitation in Employer Branding Strategy

It’s akin to wearing someone else’s tailored suit – it might cover the basics but lacks the perfect fit that speaks to individuality.

Revitalizing Legacy: How Traditional Companies Must Embrace Employer Branding in Today's Talent Market

Since the pandemic began in March 2020, we've seen rapid changes in how workplaces operate and what employees expect.

The Missing Links: Why Employer Branding Can Be Ineffective and Misleading for The Best Talent

Artikel ini menjelaskan keterkaitan lima aspek yang menjadi keahlian saya. Semoga dapat memberikan pencerahan.

Beyond the Buzzword: How Corporate Culture Defines Your Organization's DNA and Drives Success

Corporate culture is not just a buzzword; it is the lifeblood of your organization, dictating everything from employee motivation to business success.

Why Must Even Small Businesses Focus on Corporate Culture from Day One?

Corporate culture isn't just important for big enterprises; small businesses should also prioritize it as part of their growth strategy.

Massive Tech Layoffs: A True Test of Corporate Culture in Tough Times

The tech industry has always been known for innovation and growth, but these layoffs are a reminder that even the biggest and most successful companies are not immune to economic challenges.

Corporate Training in Indonesia for Culture, Employee Engagement, and Employer Branding

Corporate training provider in Indonesia with customized context and content to achieve the expected outcome.

The Worst Activity To Fix Low Employee Engagement Issues in Your Company

By getting a clear indication of the root cause of the problem, leaders can get a better alternative solution to solve any issues related to a dysfunctional team.

Jack Welch's Three Metrics of Business Success, and Most Business Owners or CEOs Neglect One of Them

No business, no matter how big or small can succeed in the long run without motivated personnel who are more than willing to fight to accomplish business goals.

Why The Dunning-Kruger Effect Could Jeopardize Your Corporate Culture

Have you ever watched one of Reza Rahadian's films "My Stupid Boss" a few years ago? He drove all his employees nuts because of his lunatic and selfish behaviors.

How Humanizing the Workplace is Effective to Prevent 'Quiet Quitting' and Keep Your Employees Engaged

The newest buzzword in the workplace is quiet quitting. It refers to a revolt against the 'hustle culture' or hustling mentality of going above and beyond the call of duty.

Want to Become a More Empathetic Leader? Start by Doing These 4 Things Consciously!

Servant leadership is never about power, control, or job title; it is about service and caring for others.

5 Reasons Business Leaders Found It Difficult to Develop Their Empathetic Skills

Why do some business leaders find it difficult to develop empathetic skills?

Why Offering More Money Won't Get You The Right Candidates

A higher salary doesn't always attract top talents since highly qualified candidates who suit your business goals want a purpose, not just a paycheck.

The Right Recruitment Leads to A Strong Corporate Culture

The flaw in the recruitment process could ruin your corporate culture because you hire the wrong candidate who doesn't fit in with your corporate values.

180% Increment in Engagement Score After 24-Week Program

The program have helped raise awareness among Margaria Group employees to collaborate between divisions and also transformed their company culture by engaging their employees in the company

A Family Business with 25% Overall Sales Increment

We helped KMP create a new culture throughout the company, developed leadership capability, and improved internal communication between all employees.

The Engagement Score Increased 50% for This Tax Consulting Firm

This program improved the leadership capability of Zentax Consulting’s team members and also provide an understanding for them to become more effective in working as one team.

Exceptional Results for General Sales Agent of Saudia

How this family business that has been running for more than 40 years as the GSA of Saudi Arabian Airlines in Indonesia was able to increase its employee engagement score by 100% in only 12 weeks?