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Belajar Kepemimpinan dari Lionel Messi

Sambil menonton Messi berlaga di Final Piala Dunia Qatar 2022, saya membayangkan bagaimana kalau Messi jadi leader di perusahaan ya?

Komunikasi Sebagai Salah Satu Kunci Kepemimpinan

Bagaimana seorang pemimpin mengatur alur informasi di dalam organisasi dapat mempegaruhi employee engagement di dalamnya.

The Missing Links: Why Employer Branding Can Be Ineffective and Misleading for The Best Talent

Artikel ini menjelaskan keterkaitan lima aspek yang menjadi keahlian saya. Semoga dapat memberikan pencerahan.

Building Resilient Organizations: Preventing Burnout and Increasing Employee Engagement

When burnout starts to chip away at these enriching aspects, it's a clear warning signal that organizational adjustments are necessary.

The Human Element: People-Centric Approaches to Prevent Digital Transformation Failures

It's essential to remember that people are the beating heart of any organization, and their engagement is fundamental to the success of any digital venture.

Beyond the Buzzword: How Corporate Culture Defines Your Organization's DNA and Drives Success

Corporate culture is not just a buzzword; it is the lifeblood of your organization, dictating everything from employee motivation to business success.

Why Employment Brand and Employee Engagement are Essential in Today's Transparent Job Market

"In today’s transparent job market, employment brand and employee engagement have become synonymous." ~ Josh Bersin

Corporate Training in Indonesia for Culture, Employee Engagement, and Employer Branding

Corporate training provider in Indonesia with customized context and content to achieve the expected outcome.

Why Leaders Should Never Rely on External Motivators

When the leaders constantly conducting motivational sessions by inviting external "motivators" to boost employee morale, it's a clear indicator that their employees have become disengaged.

The Worst Activity To Fix Low Employee Engagement Issues in Your Company

By getting a clear indication of the root cause of the problem, leaders can get a better alternative solution to solve any issues related to a dysfunctional team.

Jack Welch's Three Metrics of Business Success, and Most Business Owners or CEOs Neglect One of Them

No business, no matter how big or small can succeed in the long run without motivated personnel who are more than willing to fight to accomplish business goals.

How CEOs Could Create Psychological Safety In The Workplace

One key element which is fundamental in creating psychological safety within an organization is a high level of trust between all the stakeholders in an organization.

How Humanizing the Workplace is Effective to Prevent 'Quiet Quitting' and Keep Your Employees Engaged

The newest buzzword in the workplace is quiet quitting. It refers to a revolt against the 'hustle culture' or hustling mentality of going above and beyond the call of duty.

5 Reasons Business Leaders Found It Difficult to Develop Their Empathetic Skills

Why do some business leaders find it difficult to develop empathetic skills?

One Thing That Determine High Level of Employee Engagement

There are 1001 ways to increase Employee Engagement, but only one way is a prerequisite for determining whether or not the results are successful. So what is that one particular way?

180% Increment in Engagement Score After 24-Week Program

The program have helped raise awareness among Margaria Group employees to collaborate between divisions and also transformed their company culture by engaging their employees in the company

A Family Business with 25% Overall Sales Increment

We helped KMP create a new culture throughout the company, developed leadership capability, and improved internal communication between all employees.

The Engagement Score Increased 50% for This Tax Consulting Firm

This program improved the leadership capability of Zentax Consulting’s team members and also provide an understanding for them to become more effective in working as one team.

Exceptional Results for General Sales Agent of Saudia

How this family business that has been running for more than 40 years as the GSA of Saudi Arabian Airlines in Indonesia was able to increase its employee engagement score by 100% in only 12 weeks?