Sports Apparel Brand That Started From One Hiring

Friday, 17 June 2022

Back in 2013, Puma was one of the leading sports apparel brands in the world that sold its products in Indonesia through distributors. It was also the beginning of an era where running quickly became a popular sport in Indonesia, with various running events everywhere almost every week.

Puma's top-level management in Germany felt it was the right time to set up a representative office in Jakarta to drive sales growth and become more hands-on with the sales and marketing strategy specifically designed to fit the Indonesian market -- with a primary focus on gaining a more significant market share of sports apparel for running and also football.

HR Director from Puma's regional office in Hong Kong was assigned to lead the hiring process for the most critical position, which is Country Manager in Indonesia. She quickly called several search firms in Jakarta, including PT Headhunter Indonesia. After a careful review, she appointed us as an exclusive partner to assist in identifying the potential candidates.

After three months of progressive recruitment and selection, the right candidate was identified and offered the job, which he gladly accepted.

It has been more than eight years since that first hiring. Puma Cat Indonesia is now not just a representative office but a formal legal entity that hired more than 30 people; almost half of it was our candidates.

More importantly, our candidate who was offered the Country Manager role as the first hiring is still with Puma after eight years and now leading an even larger and more robust organization in Indonesia.

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