Finding Key Talents for a Fast-Growing US FinTech Company

Monday, 01 August 2022

With around 213,000 cooperative institutions spread across the country, Indonesia has the most significant number of cooperative institutions worldwide.

Behind this large number, one of the most pressing challenges for cooperatives in Indonesia is their unorganized management system. Some cooperatives still operate in a conventional, traditional way - they still write financial and membership records by hand. Manual management of a financial institution in this time and age poses a risk that may harm the system.

Kuelap perceives this as an intriguing challenge and hopes to enter the Indonesian cooperative market to organize its management system. Running under the auspices of the Mifos Initiative, founded by one of the top executives at Microsoft, Paul Maritz, Kuelap provides a digital platform for cooperatives.

Their digital platform offers multiple benefits - their core banking system, for instance, is customizable and helps cooperatives manage product administration, member database, and operations anywhere, anytime.

PT. Kuelap Solusi Indonesia had been aware that to support their mission of helping cooperatives go digital in Indonesia, they need capable talents to assist them. In June 2021, Kuelap's Executive Vice President of International Business requested our assistance for the first time in finding the right person to fill the Program Manager - Financial Services Division.

As time progresses, we have successfully helped them find three candidates for three senior-level positions. Aside from the Program Manager we initially placed in their company, our talented candidates have joined Kuelap for other critical roles such as Chief of Revenue Officer/Country Manager Indonesia and Sales Manager - Financial Services Division. 

Kuelap is now seeing dynamic and significant growth in business. They have acquired around 100 cooperatives as their partners. After initially focusing on the West Java region, Kuelap hopes to establish partnerships with more cooperatives in Jakarta, Central Java, East Java, and Bali.

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