Attracting, Nurturing, and Retaining Gen Z Talents: The Power of an Authentic Employer Identity

Wednesday, 01 February 2023

Generation Z professionals, born after 1996, are poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of work as they enter the workforce in large numbers.

Understanding what drives this young demographic to leave a job is crucial for employers who want to attract and retain top talent.

A study by Deloitte in 2020 found that the top reasons for Gen Z to leave their jobs are limited opportunities for growth and development (46%) and little work-life balance (40%).

Employer branding is essential in attracting and retaining Gen Z talent, as it allows companies to articulate their values, culture, and mission to potential employees and customers.

A strong employer brand can make all the difference in attracting top talent, as Gen Z is more likely to work for a company that aligns with its values and provides a positive work environment.

Creating a compelling employer brand requires companies to invest in their employee's professional development and offer opportunities for growth, development, and recognition.

It can include regular training and development programs, mentorship opportunities, and a supportive work environment that allows for work-life balance. By doing so, companies can demonstrate their commitment to their employees and create a sense of loyalty.

Furthermore, companies can use their employer brand to promote diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, which is a critical factor for Gen Z employees who value organizations that align with their socially conscious beliefs.

Unfortunately, not all companies understand how to communicate their employer brand, which started by identifying their authentic employer identity first.

Want to learn how to do it properly?

I'll be facilitating a highly interactive mini-workshop on WednesdayMarch 15, 2023, from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm at Hotel Aston Priority Simatupang, Jakarta.

This mini-workshop is a must-attend event for companies who would like to recruit highly qualified candidates by creating an authentic employer identity, which can help to articulate and promote their employer brand more effectively.

It can also help companies understand the importance of creating a positive workplace that appeals to Gen Z employees looking for more than just a job – because they are seeking a meaningful career and a condusive work environment.

You'll get the following benefits:

  • The full version of our comprehensive employee survey (worth IDR 30 million) to analyze your company's current condition from the perspective of existing employees before the mini-workshop.
  • Attend, participate, and interact with the other participants from other companies in the mini-workshop (priceless!)
  • You can work on a series of worksheets with a highly experienced facilitator during the mini-workshop (priceless!)
  • Implementation strategy by the end of the mini-workshop (priceless!)
  • Complimentary 2 (two) hour consultation as a post-workshop follow-up (worth IDR 10 million)

The outcome of this mini-workshop?

You will be able to identify and have a clear action plan to develop an Authentic Employer Identity that reflects the actual condition of your company, making it easier to attract high quality candidates through the right Employer Branding strategy.

This workshop is specifically designed for companies with a minimum of 30 employees, and each company can send 3 (three) representatives to attend.

Call Shabrina at 0821 1017 5178 for further information.