How to Drop Your CV

Follow the simple steps below and provide your details to register into our internal database.

Instructions to Register Your CV

step 1

Fill Out the Candidate Form

Make sure to fill out the form with accurate information.

step 2

Upload Your CV

Upload the latest CV that is informative, complete, and relevant.

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Please Wait!

Your CV will be registered in our internal database and one of our consultants will (only) call you for a phone screening if there is a right opportunity from one of our clients that matches your qualifications.

Drop Your CV Here!

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Our Work Procedure

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Step 1

Check Our Internal Database

We always check our internal database and update the new job opportunity for the candidates through our Job Opening page.

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Step 2

Sorting Potential Candidates

We sort and select the available talents in our internal database based on our client’s requirements to search for potential candidates.

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Step 3

Preliminary Interview Candidates

Our consultants will conduct a preliminary interview to know more about your career aspirations and suitability for the client's requirements.

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Step 4

Candidate Profiling

Based on a successful preliminary interview, our consultants will create a candidate profile to be submitted to the client.

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Step 5

The Process with Our Client

If our client is interested in your profile, you will be invited to carry out an internal recruitment process with the client.

Note: the recruitment process will be different according to each company's process and procedures.

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Step 6

Offering and Onboarding

If you have successfully passed all the recruitment processes on the client’s side, you will proceed to the negotiation process, and subject to the successful signing of the offer letter you will enter onboarding preparation for your first day at work.