Headhunter: Indonesia has worked with small, medium, and big businesses. Local and multinational enterprises. Indonesia and overseas based. Start-ups and Fortune 500 corporations.

We are eager to assist you with the talent management related solutions by offering our professional services below:

Executive Search Consulting

Executive Search - Headhunter: IndonesiaUnderstanding that one of the most significant challenges facing many organizations in the world is identifying and attracting highly qualified external talents, Headhunter: Indonesia offers a unique and cost-efficient executive search consulting service to our clients.

With a solid understanding and previous experience to manage a full-cycle recruitment strategy, especially for the middle to senior level positions, we will be able to identify and attract the right talents to be nominated as perfect candidates to fill the vacant positions in your organization.

Employee Engagement Program

Corporate Talent Mapping - Headhunter: IndonesiaAs companies would like to pursue better alignment between talent management and critical business planning, they begin to see an increasingly higher value in engaging their current employees with the work they do. Besides, Gallup research showed that only about 8% of Indonesian employees are highly engaged at work, while 15% are actively disengaged.

Working together with business owners and top executives in a methodical yet straightforward approach, we provide a 12-week highly interactive program for the key employees to build an ideal workplace environment and work culture where they will thrive to give their best and contribute in a positive way to the company.

In short, we want to help you create a culture where your employees committed to achieving their organization’s goals and values, have a strong sense of belonging to the company, motivated to contribute to organizational success, combined with an enhanced understanding of their well-being as a professional and as a person.

Career Transition Training

Recruitment Process Improvement - Headhunter: IndonesiaSlow economic growth on a global scale and the necessity to downsize an organization might happen to almost all companies, regardless of their high reputation as the giant multinational companies with business operations all around the world, or local enterprises which must adapt to the recent economic policy changes made by the government.

Working together with the decision makers, we will provide a highly customized training content to ensure a smooth career transition for all employees who might be affected by the internal restructuring of the company. Our experienced trainer will deliver highly interactive sessions in a classroom setting, where the ultimate goal of this service is providing all your employees with enlightenment, practical knowledge, and new powerful insights to prepare the next decisive move in their career journey.