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First of all, please understand that if you are looking for a recruitment service company who can offer the lowest fee, it seems we are not the right firm, since it is a clear indication that you might just be looking for a vendor.

Our mission is to become a preferred business partner for our clients by providing innovative solutions in talent management consulting which is effective and efficient to help our clients grow their business, and of course it comes with a price — a reasonable one, nevertheless.

So if you currently represent a corporation or any other legal business entity and would like to explore the possibility to assign us as your potential business partner for the long-term, you come to the right place!

PT Headhunter Indonesia is the only local talent management consulting firm that offers integrated and highly customized talent management solution services below:

Talent Acquisition Consulting
To provide you with the search and recruit consulting service, to find the right talents for your company, especially manager-level up to the director-level.

Employee Engagement Strategy
To build a happier, loyal, and more productive workforce throughout the organization, and empower them to give their best efforts every day — not because they have to, but because they want to!

Corporate Culture Alignment
To assess the existing culture at your company and guide you to transform it into the ideal culture based on the necessary responses to the upcoming business challenges.

Executive Leadership Coaching
To guide and work together with the top executives at your company, so they could transform to become the best version of themselves in terms of leadership capability.

Please feel free to drop us a message using the contact form below. We will confidentially reply to your message ASAP and discuss the best possible solution for your organization.