Client Update – May 8, 2020

The past two months probably was the most frustrating period for every business leaders around the globe. With so many things happened related with how to keep business operating in the middle of the crisis, business leaders can also shifted their focus to manage their company from a different aspect which put them as the Servant Leader.

This edition of Client Update is written by Haryo Suryosumarto, the Founder & Managing Director of PT Headhunter Indonesia. He reflected on his own experience, where it was definitely easier to manage the company with the trust and full support from all his team members to go through this crisis together.

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Client Update – April 24, 2020

What happened in Indonesia and other countries globally during the past five or six weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic were completely beyond our wildest imagination.

With so many businesses received unprecedented blows which bring the domino effect in all aspects of our lives, what matters in a time of crisis? Vidi Aziz contributed to this edition of the Client Update; he is a Recruitment Executive of PT Headhunter Indonesia.

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Webinar Transisi Karier

Pandemi COVID-19 sudah meluas ke berbagai belahan dunia, menimbulkan ratusan ribu korban jiwa, lebih dari dua juta kasus positif, dan juga jutaan pegawai yang kehilangan pekerjaannya.

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Employee Engagement Advisory in Jakarta, Indonesia

Since January 2018, PT Headhunter Indonesia has been offering Employee Engagement Advisory as part of its services to the existing clients and new clients as well. Read more

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