HeadhunterIndonesia.com – Coming Soon!

I just registered HeadhunterIndonesia.com domain name and planned to develop this domain into my business website. This will be my second website ever since I worked as the professional recruitment consultant. For the past 14 months, I’ve been writing numerous articles on career and recruitment topics at my other website, which is basically intended as a personal blog.

However, since I decided to start my own recruitment consulting business on early May 2009, I feel that I really need to develop a separate website to nurture my business. Ideally this website should also able to act as a media to build solid relationship with my clients and also prospective clients.

At this stage, I’m in the middle of the selection process of the web designer who will work on this website development project. Hopefully the website could be launched in around fourth week of July first week of August 2009.

If you’re urgently need a recruitment consultant or a headhunter, please feel free to visit my personal blog to get a quick overview of my recruitment consulting service. You would also find my contact details there to make it easier for you to make an inquiry call.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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