Floods and Telecommuting

Floods around Jakarta last week almost entirely shutdown the business activities, especially for most companies located at the golden triangle area (Thamrin-Sudirman, Gatot Soebroto and Kuningan). As our office is located at Kuningan, PT Headhunter Indonesia was also affected by the floods surrounding our office building.

Even though our office building is safe and dry, but the access to our office location was a very difficult one for all of our staffs who live in suburb areas outside Jakarta’s downtown. Therefore, we closed the office operations on Thursday (Jan 17) and Friday (Jan 18) to ensure their safety.

But interesting enough to share the fact that last week was also one of the most productive weeks in the past three months. Most of our consultants and support staffs contributed significant numbers on their weekly KPI (Key Performance Indicators) by working remotely at their homes, coffee shop, or the nearest internet cafe.

This telecommuting method was implemented even since PT Headhunter Indonesia has not yet officially established as a legal corporate entity. When the founder decided to work as an independent recruitment consultant in 2009, he already designed a flexible workplace concept where a reliable (and scalable) IT infrastructure depends entirely on the cloud computing applications. It reduces the company’s capital expenditures significantly and also make it easier for us to focus on the business operations, instead of potential confusing IT issues in the future.

By implementing cloud computing applications, all our staffs could work at anytime and from anywhere, as long as they have a smartphone or laptop, and a reliable internet connection.

In a force majeur situation like last week, this telecommuting method helped us to maintain an excellent level of service to our clients, since our work output or work result does not depend on the work location. In other words, as a service company we already prepared for this sort of scenario from the very beginning.

Share your experience with us, how the floods last week affected your daily work routine? Did your company allow the staffs to work from home?


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    Posted by Chris on January 21, 2013 10:27 am

    Dear Head Hunter Indonesia,

    Even I still don’t have a job until this time, but the flood also troubled me.

    When I am jobless, I try to be the one who can spend my time in productive ways. Several days ago when flood spread around Jakarta, I try to sell some goods to the people. When I want to COD with one of them, I cannot go anywhere because the road around my house is sinking in flood; FYI, I live in Cimanggis, Depok.

    The most disappointed thing is, when I try to call buyer, asking for more time to COD, then the buyer said that he don’t have time for it, and the transaction is cancelled.

    I think it will be a valuable lesson for me, for being honest to the buyer in every condition. It means, when we know that our circumstance is not give us permit to held COD, then we must tell them that we cannot do that, before we making the deal, to anticipate them for being disappointed. I think it is better than losing a customer, just like what I’ve done several days ago.

    Hope it could be a valuable lesson too for those who read this comments 🙂

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      Posted by Haryo on January 21, 2013 12:13 pm

      Very sorry to hear your story, Chris, but believe me that it was only one of many upcoming challenges you must face in your future endeavor.

      Keep maintaining the positive attitude and never give up! 😀

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    Posted by andrew on December 30, 2014 1:06 am

    nice article, I have homework about practical adv and disadvantages of telecommuting implemented in the real company

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