Employee Engagement Survey Vendor in Indonesia

Since January 2018, PT Headhunter Indonesia has been providing the Employee Engagement Strategy program as part of its Workplace Transformation Services.

As one of the preferred vendors in Indonesia for increasing the overall employee engagement score throughout the organization with its integrated approach, we also provide a reliable and cost-efficient Employee Engagement Survey for all kinds of companies in many different industries, both profit-oriented and non-profit oriented.

In addition to the employee engagement, at the same time we also measure other important factors which will be beneficial for human capital development; which are:

  • Employee Experience
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Leadership Perception
  • Employee Net Promoter Score (optional)

Our clients use our survey for various purposes, such as:

  • Corporate culture transformation
  • Human capital policy improvement
  • Employer branding campaign activities
  • Executive leadership coaching

Simply contact us now to discuss your needs, and we will be happy to present the sample result of our Employee Engagement Survey to the decision-makers at your organization.