Employee Engagement Advisory in Jakarta, Indonesia

Since January 2018, PT Headhunter Indonesia has been offering Employee Engagement Advisory as part of its services to the existing clients and new clients as well.

As companies would like to pursue better alignment between talent management and critical business planning, they begin to see an increasingly higher value in engaging their current employees with the work they do. Besides, Gallup research showed that only about 8% of Indonesian employees are highly engaged at work, while 15% are actively disengaged.

Working together with business owners and top executives in a methodical yet straightforward approach, we provide a customized framework to increase the employee engagement in your company; from conducting the Employee Engagement Survey — where we can analyze together the priority of a sustainable strategy that will work effectively for your business in the long-term — until the Employee Engagement strategy execution where we will provide a necessary advisory to ensure it will be a huge success.

Our flagship services are:

  • 12-week highly interactive Group Coaching Program for the key employees to build an ideal workplace environment and work culture where they will thrive to give their best and contribute in a positive way to the company.
  • 16-week Leadership¬†Coaching Program for the business executives so they can become the catalysts for these engagement initiatives to boost company’s performance in the long run.

In short, we want to help you create a culture where your employees committed to their organization’s goals and values, have a strong sense of belonging to the company, motivated to contribute to organizational success, with an enhanced understanding of their well-being as a professional and as a person.

Contact us for more information about our Employee Engagement Advisory Program.