“Headhunter Indonesia” Merupakan Merek Terdaftar Milik PT Headhunter Indonesia

PT Headhunter Indonesia adalah satu-satunya pemilik sekaligus pemegang merek “Headhunter Indonesia” yang sah dan telah terdaftar di Direktorat Jenderal Kekayaan Intelektual, Kementerian Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia Republik Indonesia, dengan Nomor Pendaftaran IDM000541358 pada Kelas Barang/Jasa 35 (Rekrutmen, Konsultasi Manajemen, Konsultasi Profesional Mengenai Perusahaan).

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Employee Engagement Survey Vendor in Indonesia

Since January 2018, PT Headhunter Indonesia has been providing the Employee Engagement Strategy program as part of its Workplace Transformation Services.

As one of the preferred vendors in Indonesia for increasing the overall employee engagement score throughout the organization with its integrated approach, we also provide a reliable and cost-efficient Employee Engagement Survey for all kinds of companies in many different industries, both profit-oriented and non-profit oriented.

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Client Update – October 23, 2020

Technology has become one of the most important and crucial things in the
life of humankind. It always evolves and transforms our life to be more
simple and effective.

How is digital transformation in this COVID-19 pandemic affected the whole economic field and effectiveness for state enterprises, companies, and Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in Indonesia?

This month’s edition of Client Update is written by one of our Researchers, Toha Assegaf. You may download it here.

Client Update – July 17, 2020

Digital tranformation has started in almost all areas of the corporate world. One of the necessary adjustments is related with how so many companies who are still recruiting started the virtual recruitment as one of the new normal practices during this pandemic.

One of the youngest members of our consulting team, Yusya Chudany Nabylla, wrote this edition of the Client Update.

Feel free to download here.

Client Update – June 19, 2020

A crisis is a natural part of our lives. Its arrival cannot be predicted, and once it comes, we cannot avoid it. Our image of crisis conjures up an idea of unstable and dangerous situations, which are considered to bring negative changes.

However, if we can perceive a crisis a little bit differently, it does not always
bring a negative result. There is always a silver lining behind every crisis we face.

That is the outline of this month’s Client Update, download it here.