Afrina Karenina Rizal

Senior Consultant

NinaNina had gained 10 years of hands-on experience in education before she decided to be actively involved in the HR business as a professional recruiter at PT Headhunter Indonesia. Throughout her career in education, she served numerous roles, such as an English teacher and a lecturer, as well as a teacher trainer and an academic manager. Nina was responsible not only for teaching English to Indonesian students but also for teaching English to foreign students from European countries.

Working at a managerial level has trained her not only as an educator but also as an HR practitioner whereby she was required to conduct recruitment, training, and regular appraisals. As one of the reliable consultants since joining the company back in October 2013, she has been handling projects from various industries, such as manufacturing, forestry, education, healthcare, oil and gas, automotive, advertising, in both Indonesian and foreign companies. Nina has successfully placed candidates for important positions in production, finance, marketing, and human resources role.

Nina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Education from Sriwijaya University. She is also a holder of the prestigious teaching certification, the CELTA (Certification of English Language Teaching to Adults), obtained in Oxford House College, London, England.