Dimas Arimurti

Recruitment Executive

Dimas has more than 8 years of combined professional experiences in TV, Radio, Education, Banking, IT, Human Resources and Music industry. He started his early professional experience back in high school, along with his classmates, when they established a private tutoring class for the junior high school students, where his subject responsibilities were math, physics and biology.

Dimas established his name in the media industry, especially in radio broadcasting, started as an announcer for a prime time radio show in his hometown. He got the opportunity to experience his dream job as a music director for a well-known radio station in Jakarta. He got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build and run his own state-of-mind radio station in his hometown.

Graduated from Gunadarma University with a major in Informatics Engineering, Dimas joined PT Headhunter Indonesia in January 2014. He is a specialist in the Industrial sector, and also Real Estate. In his spare time, he loves to read good books, reviewing music and movies on his personal blog, jamming with his indie-rock band, play video games, and enjoying his quality family time.