Andri Wulan Karindra

Recruitment Executive

Arin graduated from University of Indonesia in 2017, majoring in Chemical Engineering. While she did enjoy studying engineering, her most fulfilling experience during college was when she joined lots of organizations outside of the academic scope, which mainly involved in non-formal education. Those skills have opened her up from initially awkward to slightly more open and interested in human relations.

Recruiting is an extremely foreign world to Arin at the beginning. Learning to liaise with various people from different professional background brings both excitements and a slight nervous to her in the first few days as the recruiter.

However, the combination of her analytical thinking, quick learning ability, and her fascination with human nature is an asset for Arin to start her career on the right track as a recruiter. Initially joined the company in May 2017, Arin has handled several recruitment projects in hospitality, manufacturing, education, and logistics, with satisfactory results, and she was promoted from the Researcher to Recruitment Executive in January 2018.