Headhunter: Indonesia is the brainchild of Haryo Utomo Suryosumarto, a professional headhunter and strategic talent consultant based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

From its very humble beginning in May 2009, our firm has been emerging as one of the most sought-after local talent management consulting firms, and along with the consistent economic growth in Indonesia, has worked for diversified corporate clients based in 19 different countries worldwide.

We specialize in recruitment solutions for hiring middle and senior level management positions, up to the C-level appointments, on behalf of various corporations in several major industries (consumer, industrial, natural resources, healthcare, and technology).

Headhunter: Indonesia is a 100% Indonesian owned company, it is privately held and privately funded, with no outside investors and zero debt. With the ability to run the entire business operation efficiently, Headhunter: Indonesia can provide a better recruitment consulting service but with much more flexible and reasonable fee.

The Leader

Haryo U. Suryosumarto
Managing Director

The Consultants

Afrina Karenina Rizal
Senior Consultant

Dicky Yudhiansyah
Senior Consultant

Nico Andriantama
Associate Consultant

Dimas Arimurti
Recruitment Executive

Andri Wulan Karindra
Recruitment Executive

Sigit Himawan

Andriani Miranda
Human Capital Consultant

The Supporting Team

Triasih Indriati
Office Administrator

Ifeh Fadhilah
Team Assistant

Alia Suryaningsih
Team Assistant

Marisya Lestari
Tax & Accounting

General Affairs