Headhunter: Indonesia has worked with small, medium, and big business. Local and multinational enterprises. Indonesia and overseas based. Start-ups and Fortune 500 corporations.

We are eager to assist you with the talent identification process by offering our professional services below:

Executive Search

Executive Search - Headhunter: IndonesiaUnderstanding that one of the biggest challenges facing many organizations in the world is identifying and attracting highly qualified external talents, Headhunter: Indonesia offers a unique and very cost effective executive search consulting service to our clients.

With a solid understanding and previous experience to manage a full-cycle recruitment strategy, especially for the middle to senior level positions, we will be able to identify and attract the right talents to be nominated as perfect candidates to fill the vacant positions in your organization.

Corporate Talent Mapping

Corporate Talent Mapping - Headhunter: IndonesiaAs companies would like to pursue better alignment between talent management and critical business planning, they begin to see an increasingly greater value in internal talent mapping process.

Working together with business owners and top executives in a simple yet methodical approach consulting, we provide a formalized process of assessing and identifying available talents in your company. Filling the strategic roles needed to support future business growth or maybe reassigned certain existing personnel to more suitable jobs based on their passion, career preference, and personality traits.

In short, rather than hiring outside talents who have not yet proven, we will be able to help you in recognizing high potential hidden talents within your company who might become your next superstar performers.

Recruitment Process Improvement

Recruitment Process Improvement - Headhunter: IndonesiaSlow and long hiring process has been reducing your chance to get the right candidates every time? We have a new service to solve this problem.

Working together with the decision makers, we provide a strategic consulting service to improve the whole hiring process in your company from A to Z. The focus will be on building your employer brand, aligning the recruitment strategy with your business strategy, improving the recruitment standard operating procedure, and working to fix other hiring process flaws we have identified, to get the right person to fill the right role, within a very reasonable timeframe.

The expected result of this service is your HR people will be able to manage the streamlined hiring process for all levels without utilizing headhunter’s assistance, except for top management roles or very specific ones.